‘My baby was 3 months when I started training with Juliana. I needed to loose my baby weight and tone up. Juliana has been great and I have my pre baby figure back after just a few months!
Each training session is different which keeps it fun, from boxing to workouts specifically designed around objects in my flat. A lot of the exercises she has taught me I have included into my daily routine. Juliana’s sessions are always fun and friendly but get you sweating! She also gets me to include my baby which my baby loves. She gives me great nutritional tips. I would highly recommend her.’

Grace Jones

‘Meeting Juliana over a year ago was such a blessing. My life & health have noticeably changed for the better. I appreciated how Juliana listened to me when I described my goals & my difficulties with my diet, I love my food! My previous experiences with Trainors were not that good, I dreaded the gym but with Juliana it’s more of a friendly atmosphere, which motivates me to push harder every time. I am attached to my trainor now, when I am away, I miss her. I miss her because every time we train I just feel soo good. I have recommended all my friends to train with Juliana. She’s just a super enthusiastic person & friend. It’s all about the healthy life and that is the target.’

Hashin Hashin

‘Juliana Campos is an excellent trainer, she is the perfect combination of using her expertise as a trainer as a dancer as a inspirational, she works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically Because of her effort i am stronger with a better coordination, slim and more flexible, i have better body, balance, diet, lifestyle and most importantly working out has become fun. I recommend with out reservation.’

Monique Jesus

‘Training with JCFitness is the best thing happened to me as I have much more energy I feel so positive and I am much faster with my actions , my diet become much better and my training skills and body shape , I feel so much better as I never been and Juliana thought me how to travel and still keep the good diet and train in a hotel room so I can keep my amazing figure and feel great anywhere I go ! I so much recommended Juliana as I like to share only good things in life!’

Rania Attar

‘Once start training, it becomes an addiction! I started training with Juliana Campos in 2014 and since then it is being helping me a lot with my dance, strength and power although it helps me to keep slim and with amazing definition and fit. What I achieve with Juliana was much more than this, using the weight of my own body, some free training and kettlebells , my overall stamina improved so much making me a better and happier person, my dancing clothing look so well fitted, I have so much energy from the time I wake up. Her tips on diet are excellent and her passion about training is clear. Juliana is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational and I highly recommend her enough. The results can be fantastic!’

Vanessa Da Silva