FITNESS has always been a great PASSION and a big part of MY LIFE

I have always considered myself so fortunate to have grown up in a beautiful country like Brazil, where you always want to go out and experience the best that life has to offer.

From a very young age I have had a love for physical exercise and the great outdoors, whether it was riding my favourite horse as a young girl, or training as an athlete when I went to college.

It was from this environment and background that I developed my passion for maintaining my own healthy lifestyle and now I want to share my knowledge and experience to help you achieve the same goals and aims for yourself.

My Story

Over the past decade I have travelled the world working as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer from London to Lisbon to Miami to the United Arab Emirates, where I was the exclusive trainer to senior members of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family for three years. You can check out my letter of recommendation here!

I am a fully qualified Pilates Instructor having completed over 600 hours of training in Classical Pilates in addition to my advanced training in personal fitness, sports nutrition and sports rehabilitation.

Previously, I was a health & fitness columnist for GQ Magazine and a professional samba dancer, including serving as Notting Hill Carnival Queen in 2017, performing five (5) times in Rio Carnival and winning Miss South America (UK).

I am ready to help you be the best you can be!