Pilates Exercises

Doing pilates exercises can bring all sorts of amazing benefits for the mind and the body – from improving outlook and motivation to increased injury resilience and toning the body.

I really believe that pilates offers something for everybody so these are six great pilates exercises to help get you started.

1. Pilates Exercise for amazing adductors definition

This is a simple reformer workout with the legs held in straps around the inner thighs.

2. Pilates Exercise for the pelvic floor

Another reformer workout with the legs held in straps, squeezing up and down on the magic circle as the momentum flows.

3. Pilates Exercise for toned arms and strong abs

Five pick-ups on the Swiss ball inside the cadillac – good control and focus is key for this one.

4. Pilates Exercise for balance (and strong abs!)

Handstands on the pilates mat using a foam roller – a good challenge and fun to do!

5. Pilates Exercise for strength and power

Cadillac reverse to work on your strength ability and make you become super powerful!

6. Pilates Exercise for upper body strength and definition

Pick-ups on the reformer moving the knees in and keeping the forearms on the box – focus and stamina are key for this exercise.

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