FEATURE: Meet Juliana Campos – Fitness Guru to the Rich and Famous

Juliana Campos has devoted her life to personal fitness and developing a range of highly effective health and exercise programmes. Due to her phenomenal success in the fitness industry, she now works with private celebrities and is able to enjoy an extravagant, luxury lifestyle.

Her love affair with fitness began at a very young age, when she quickly became an accomplished horse rider. She went on to college where she continued her fitness journey as a highly dedicated elite athlete.

It was here that she first began to build her ethos that would define her approach to fitness and life in general: “To be the best you can be”. Now people are queuing up to book her services to help them to be the best that they can be.

Juliana’s client list reads like the Forbes Rich List. With a glowing reference from the Abu Dhabi Royal Family, she is a far stretch from your run of the mill personal trainers. She lives the celeb lifestyle and as such, she is able to understand the fitness demands and priorities that come with this. For example, using her nutritional expertise to advise top chefs on how to prepare their mutual clients’ meals to ensure they reach their fitness goals. This attention to detail and her intoxicating personality ensures that her client list continues to grow both in volume and prestige.

The secret to her success is partly down to delivering exciting and energetic bespoke personal training sessions. She tells us “My clients love my Brasilian Hiit training and Fitdance, I offer every one of them something that they will really enjoy”. Whilst her clients greatly enjoy her sessions, it is the amazing results that really impress them and keep them coming back for more.

Juliana is very proud to be able to offer her very popular Pilates classes, which enables extraordinary body toning and is also a really effective method of rehabilitation. She has also just added a complementary Bodytec training routine that is perfect for those looking for great body definition results.

To give you a taste of the select programmes that Juliana provides; her Bikini Boot Camp is one of her most sought-after sessions.

Her unique approach, using her extensive knowledge of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, ensures that her clients are beach-ready in time for their target date. All of Juliana’s programmes are infused with Brazilian inspired techniques and offer a truly individual personal fitness proposition.

Based predominantly in London, she often works in her clients’ stunning homes so the art of discretion is an important requirement of her job. Personal fitness is a very big priority to her clients but of course, they do not want the world to know about their fitness secrets! She also works across the Middle East and has been fortunate enough to work at some of the finest hotels across the world.

Even away from her fitness work, you will always find her somewhere very glamorous. Her favourite hangouts in London include the chic Chiltern Firehouse for a well-earned night out with her girl friends, where a typical evening will involve sampling the wondrous cocktail menu. Her favourite dining options are obviously heavily influenced by nutrition as well as quality, so she chooses Granger & Co. for breakfast or Koji of an evening, for their exquisite Japanese cuisine.

On her regular trips back to her beautiful homeland of Brazil, she makes the most of her opportunity to order a Crocodile meal, accompanied by one of Brazil’s greatest exports, the Cinnamon Caipirinha! Her favourite restaurant of all is Kiwi in her home city Campo Grande, so make sure you pay it a visit if you are ever in the area.

A regular at exclusive events, she loves F1 and it is safe to say she likes to live a high-octane life in the fast lane, travelling in only the most prestigious cars. Just like she says, “I live my life to be the best that I can be”.